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The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association is a grassroots organization whose individual producer members determine issues of importance to the state's livestock industry. With input into the policy development, each member has the opportunity to influence SDSGA's policy and priorities. Individual members of the Association pull together to make powerful decisions - dedicated to promoting the livestock industry and enhancing the opportunity for profitability.

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South Dakota Stockgrowers Commend South Dakota Beef Industry Council

South Dakota Stockgrowers Commend South Dakota Beef Industry Council
  Rapid City, SD July 10, 2020   The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, whose mission is “To Promote and Protect the Livestock Industry”, appreciates the ongoing efforts of the South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC). Fifty cents of every beef checkoff dollar that producers pay stays within South Dakota to fund the SDBIC efforts in promotion, education, and research. “It’s important that producers know half of every checkoff dollar stays here in South Dakota and the use of those funds is overseen by local producers.” Said SDSGA Regional Vice President Les Shaw who is also one of three Stockgrowers representatives on the SDBIC Board of Directors.     SDBIC has many programs that enable them to use these funds effectively. They have promotional events such as the “burger battle” during the Sturgis Motorcycle rally, the Sanford Invitational PGA golf tournament, Beef, Beer, and Broncs at the Black Hills Stock Show, the Beef Bowl at SDSU, Beef Tailgater during USD’s Dakota Days, as well as many other cook-off and competitions throughout the year all across South Dakota.   “I’ve learned a ton about what the SDBIC does since joining their Board of Directors,” added Shaw. “They have so many programs, events, and ongoing research that it is amazing. Many other states look to what is going on in South Dakota and admire what we are able to accomplish here. Our beef council truly is the envy of many other states”   Two of the unique programs from the SDBIC are Team BEEF and Build Your Base with Beef. Team BEEF South Dakota is a community of runners and cyclists who recognize the nutritional benefits of beef and the vital role high-quality protein plays in their training. Team BEEF members must eat beef and believe in the nutritional benefits it provides, as well as be willing to serve as an active role model and help educate others about the positive attributes of beef production and consumption. You can see some of the team members’ promotional posts by searching for “Team BEEF South Dakota” on facebook.   The Build Your Base with Beef program has been extremely successful and is entering into its third year. This program is a partnership between SDBIC and Sanford Sports Science Institute along with local and regional high school and college sports teams. This is a comprehensive sports nutrition and training program that gives schools, coaches, parents and athletes a complete tool kit to aid in athletic performance and overall health.   Additionally, for years the SDBIC has had “state-to-state” partnerships with many states that have a much larger population than South Dakota, particularly in the northeast region of the Country. This allows the checkoff funds to directly impact millions more people than it would in South Dakota alone, many of whom who have little idea as to where their food comes from. Misinformation can be very prevalent and these state-to-state partnerships help ensure consumers all across the country are getting correct information about beef, its nutritional value, and its responsible production. Giving consumers confidence in what they are purchasing and telling beef’s story to those who aren’t as familiar with it, helps encourage people to choose beef.   “We have to remember that consumers do not have to choose beef. They are bombarded with misinformation and negativity around beef, and we must stay engaged in that battle so consumers everywhere get the truth and are proud to choose our product.” Said South Dakota Stockgrowers Executive Director James Halverson. “Often times we talk about “telling our story”. These state-to-state partnerships tell that story to the people who really need to hear it, not just to folks around here where cows out number people 5 to 1.” He added.    These are only a handful of the many programs the SDBIC utilizes to carry out promotion, education, and research on behalf of South Dakota’s beef producers. The South Dakota Stockgrowers are proud partners with the SDBIC and look forward to continued success in promoting beef.  

Thune, Smith Introduce Bill to Allow Emergency Haying and Grazing on CRP Acres During COVID-19 Pandemic

June 5, 2020

Washington — 

U.S. Sens. John Thune (R-S.D.) and Tina Smith (D-Minn.), members of the Senate Agriculture Committee, this week introduced legislation that would allow emergency haying and grazing on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres during the COVID-19 health crisis. Under current statute, emergency CRP haying and grazing is limited to weather-related disaster events.

“We are experiencing a global health pandemic, and farmers and ranchers are feeling the economic impact,” said Thune. “Our bill is straightforward—allowing emergency haying and grazing would help producers ensure adequate forage for the livestock they are having to keep longer than expected due to low prices and meat processing capacity shortfalls resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.My hope is that this will provide our ag economy, South Dakota’s top industry, with much-needed assistance at this time.”

“Opening up CRP land to emergency haying and grazing will help livestock producers in Minnesota and across the country who have been hit hard by the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Smith. “With these added acres available to them, it will help to soften the devastating economic blow to the livestock industry caused by COVID-19 when meat processing plant and restaurant closures unexpectedly eliminated much of the market for their products. I’m glad to work with Senator Thune on this bipartisan effort to support producers during this very difficult and uncertain time.”

U.S. Reps. Roger Marshall (R. Kans.) and Angie Craig (D-Minn.) introduced companion legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives.