Twitter Campaign Set for September. 23rd – 30th!!

Good afternoon, 

You are receiving this email because you have the power to help make a difference in our cattle markets. In light of recent events, U.S. cattle producers and feeders are in distress. With the major packers profiting significantly off cattle they are paying next to nothing for, it is up to us, advocates of the beef industry, to do something.

The #FairCattleMarkets twitter campaign is set to launch Monday, September 23 and continue until Monday, September 30. The concept of this campaign is simple: encourage all cattle producers and industry supporters to tweet @realDonaldTrump with #FairCattleMarkets every day for an entire week. 

We have two goals with this campaign:

  1. Get #FairCattleMarkets on Twitter’s trending page 
  2. Get recognized by at least ONE political figure (preferably President Trump) in Washington D.C. in hopes of starting a conversation and spurring change.

If you would like more information, please view our webpage or email/call the Western Ag Reporter, (406) 259-4589, ask for Kayla or Mayzie.

The following webpage contains further information and full-sized, downloadable graphics that you can share across your social media. It also includes specific instructions for setting up and using a twitter account.

We thank you for your time and hope you make the decision to help create #FairCattleMarkets.