SD Stockgrowers call on President Trump to Enact GIPSA Rules

SD Stockgrowers call on President Trump to Enact GIPSA Rules


SD Stockgrowers Association joined other livestock groups across the country this week in calling on President Trump to enact the GIPSA rules to protect independent livestock producers from price discrimination. USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue withdrew the proposed rule last week just days before it was to take effect.


SDSGA Marketing Committee Chair Vaughn Meyer

“We are extremely disappointed in Secretary Perdue’s decision to withdraw the GIPSA rule,” saidMarketing Committee Chairman Vaughn Meyer. “Refusing to implement this rule is just going to further concentrate the power of the packing industry and continue to leave our independent producers at a disadvantage.”

“We’re asking President Trump to uphold his commitment to support rural America by overturning  Secretary Perdue’s decision. These GIPSA rules are essential for making sure our ranchers have a fair playing field and a competitive market.”

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) wrote a letter to Secretary Perdue urging him to reconsider the withdrawal saying, “We vehemently disagree with that decision”. The letter went on to say, “… current practices of multi-national livestock corporations, one of which is being investigated for unprecedented corruption, allow them to exploit farmers and ranchers. ” The Senators’ letter reminded Secretary Perdue that Congress specifically instructed the Secretary of Agriculture to create new rules to ensure a better functioning marketplace for farmers and ranchers in the livestock industry.

SDSGA President Gary Deering

“The GIPSA rules aimed to give producers a tool to use in the event they had been treated unfairly,” SD Stockgrowers President Gary Deering questioned the withdrawal of the rule in a editorial writtenlast week. “We need protection in place to not only insure fair markets today, but insure that we don’t witness what many South Dakota hog producers went through in the early 1990’s, and what the chicken producers went through before that. The South Dakota Stockgrowers worked very hard to get GIPSA rules implemented, and will work hard with this and future Administrations to get the rules that producers deserve.

Deering continued by saying, “I implore Secretary Perdue to consider ways to work with us to protect our family ranchers and farmers. The South Dakota Stockgrowers, stands ready to work with Congress, and the Administration to find solutions that will insure our future independence as producers, and financial viability.”