Legislative Update South Dakota Stockgrowers Association – March 1, 2019


Two bills are in play to reduce the state sales tax rate in the event new revenues from online sales reach certain thresholds. The Senate State Affairs committee passed a House bill that will require petition circulators to register in a manner similar to what is now required for lobbyists. The House Health and Human Services Committee passed SB 61 which will allow communities 18 months to try finding new owners for nursing homes that otherwise would close. The House Commerce and Energy Committee passed SB 16 this week. The bill would let the state Public Utilities Commission control escrow accounts for taking down wind farms when they’re too old to operate.

Stockgrowers’ Legislative

Issues Fake Meat

SB 68, the meat labeling bill, was passed unanimously by the House Agriculture Committee this week. The bill was presented by Rep. Oren Lesmeister who, with the support of Sen Art Rush, has done an outstanding job shepherding this bill forward. In addition to Oren and the Stockgrowers, the bill received supporting testimony from SD Cattlemen, Farmers’ Union, Farm Bureau, and the SD Soybean Association. There was no testimony in opposition. The bill was placed on the House consent calendar for this coming Monday.

Agland Valuation

SB 4, to perform a pre-implementation simulation of updated agland assessment standards which has passed the Senate will be heard in the House Agriculture Committee on Tuesday the 5th.

Industrial Hemp

HB 1191, the bill to legalize industrial hemp, was the subject of a two hour hearing by the Senate Ag. Committee yesterday. Rep. Lesmeister, the bill’s House sponsor, representatives of A.H. Meyer & Sons (a company interested in processing hemp), Stockgrowers, Dakota Rural Action, and several individuals testified for the bill. The governor had two of her cabinet secretaries and two members of her staff testify in opposition. The bill was also opposed by representatives of several law enforcement agencies, Rep. Post, and by Rep. Jensen and his wife Darcy Jensen (a substance abuse counselor). The committee passed the bill on a 7-2 vote.


HCR 1007, a pro-COOL resolution, passed the House this week. HCR 1007 encourages Congress to pass legislation that will build markets for US products at home and overseas rather than implement additional regulations and requirements for our meat producers and processors; and it requests congress and the administration to notify the WTO not to intrude on the sovereignty of the US by attempting to undermine US COOL law and regulations.

Other Stockgrowers Issues

The budget will increasingly be the focus in these last two weeks of session. We’ll be keeping close watch on the final budget process and will weigh in on any action that may impact Stockgrowers. If you have any questions or comments about this week’s report or about activities in Pierre, please feel free to contact me at murphy@rushmore.com

Best regards, Jeremiah

Legislation of Interest

Following are the bills that have been introduced that may impact Stockgrowers. You can read the bill text and actions by clicking on the blue bill number. Bill status is noted in the status column. DP = “Do Pass” DNP = “Do Not Pass” “41st day” means a bill has been killed. (Note: To clean up the report and focus on bills still in play, I’ve removed bills that have been previously reported as failed.)

2/5 signed by Gov. HB 1030 allow the Office of School and Public Lands to accept internet bidding for the leasing of state mineral rights.

2/6 signed by Gov. HB 1031 authorize certain wind and solar easements and leases by the commissioner of School and Public Lands.

2/12 DP Senate HB 1054 revise certain provisions regarding the possession of firearms on certain vehicles.

2/19 signed by Gov. HB 1075 revise certain provisions regarding the authority of conservation district governing boards.

2/26 DP Judiciary HB 1103 establish a lemon law for certain farm machinery.

2/22 DP Senate HB 1159 repeal a provision that prohibits hunting mourning doves on public roads and highways.

2/28 DP Senate Ag. HB 1191 legalize the growth, production, and processing of industrial hemp and derivative products in the state.

3/4 hearing Sen. Approps. HB 1251 distribute funds to the special racing revolving fund and the South Dakota-bred racing fund from the tourism promotion fund and simulcast wagering.

2 3/4 hearing Sen. Approps. HJR 1003 Proposing and submitting to the voters at the next general election a new section to Article XII of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, relating to the creation and administration of a trust fund using the net receipts from unclaimed property.

3/5 hearing Sen. Ag. HCR 1007 Expressing and encouraging support for the continued use of countryof-origin labels on meat products sold to consumers.

3/5 hearing House Ag. SB 4 revise certain provisions regarding the classification of agricultural land for property tax purposes.

2/26 DP House SB 18 update certain references to federal laws and regulations regarding pipeline safety inspections and to increase the maximum civil penalty for certain pipeline safety violations.

2/26 DP House SB 40 authorize the transfer of certain real property to the Animal Industry Board.

2/26 DP House SB 43 redirect funding to a collaborative program in rural veterinary medical education and to provide tax revenue for the support of veterinary students.

2/27 DP House SB 63 increase the penalty for a subsequent conviction for trespass to hunt, fish, or trap.

2/26 DP House Ag. SB 68 define certain acts as misbranding of food products.

2/28 DP H. Transportat ion SB 93 revise certain provisions regarding instruction and restricted driving permits.

2/28 DP Senate SB 128 make an appropriation to the gaming commission fund, to provide for the transfer of funds to the special racing revolving fund and the South Dakota-bred racing fund, and to declare an emergency.

2/28 DP H. Ag. SB 149 increase the amount authorized for certain brand fees and to authorize a brand registration application fee and an expedited registration fee.

2/28 referred to H. Approps. SB 179 revise the property tax levies for the general fund of school districts and to revise the state aid to education formula.