Legislative Update South Dakota Stockgrowers Association January 25, 2019

Legislative Update South Dakota Stockgrowers Association January 25, 2019 General

The legislature is hitting its stride this week. With a lot of new members and a new administration, bill introductions where slow in coming for the first couple weeks. But, we’re seeing a sharp increase in bill introductions and committee activity the past several days. Governor Noem gave her inaugural budget address this week. She kept the basics of then- Governor Daugaard’s proposal delivered last month with adjustments to certain programs. Like Daugaard, she has penciled in no new funding from the state’s recently-won ability to tax all online sales coming in to South Dakota. Noem’s budget includes a 2.5% percent increase in funding for Medicaid providers, education, and state employees. She’s also proposing $5 million in new state funding for nursing homes and $5 million in one-time development grants to expand rural broadband.

Stockgrowers’ Legislative Issues

SB 68 is our fake meat bill. We are attracting support from the other ag groups. Farm Bureau and Dakota Rural Action are on board. Lobbyists for several other groups have sent the language to their boards for approval. No hearing has been scheduled yet. With the current workload in Senate Ag committee, it probably won’t be heard before the week after next. A lot of new bills were posted this afternoon. Several we’ve been anticipating including video livestock auctions (HB 1089), hunter trespass (SB 63), and, 10 years grassland – actual use (SB 112).

The brand inspection fee increase bill will appear first thing next week. Hearings of note – 2 + 2 veterinary program (SB 43) will be heard Tuesday, SB 4, the most probable use study bill will be heard Wednesday, and the hunter trespass bill (SB 63) will be heard Thursday the 31st.

If you have any questions or comments about this week’s report or about activities in Pierre, please feel free to contact me at murphy@rushmore.com

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Legislation of Interest Following are the bills that have been introduced that may impact Stockgrowers. You can read the bill text and actions by clicking on the blue bill number. Bill status is noted in the status column. DP = “Do Pass” DNP = “Do Not Pass” “41st day” means a bill has been killed.

 DP S HB 1030 allow the Office of School and Public Lands to accept internet bidding for the leasing of state minerals.

DP S HB 1031 authorize certain wind and solar easements and leases by the commissioner of School and Public Lands.

DP H HB 1054 revise certain provisions regarding the possession of firearms on certain vehicles.

1/29 hearing HB 1075 revise certain provisions regarding the authority of conservation district governing boards.

HB 1089 revise provisions regarding electronic livestock auctions.

HB 1100 revise certain programs regarding landowner rights.

HB 1101 revise certain programs regarding the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

HB 1103 establish a lemon law for certain farm machinery.

HB 1117 establish immunity from liability for injuries to or the death of a person engaged in off-road vehicle activity under certain circumstances.

HB 1145 establish certain provisions regarding the mowing of rights-of-way adjacent to the state trunk highway system.

HB 1159 repeal a provision that prohibits hunting mourning doves on public roads and highways.

HB 1161 revise certain provisions regarding the issuance of temporary permits for the use of public water.

HB 1162 provide for the expiration of certain statutory authority regarding the promulgation of rules by the Game, Fish and Parks Commission.

1/30 hearing SB 4 revise certain provisions regarding the classification of agricultural land for property tax purposes.

DP S SB 18 update certain references to federal laws and regulations regarding pipeline safety inspections and to increase the maximum civil penalty for certain pipeline safety violations.

DP S SB 33 authorize the commissioner of school and public lands to sell and acquire certain real property.

1/29 hearing SB 40 authorize the transfer of certain real property to the Animal Industry Board.

1/29 hearing SB 43 redirect funding to a collaborative program in rural veterinary medical education and to provide tax revenue for the support of veterinary students.

1/31 hearing SB 63 increase the penalty for a subsequent conviction for trespass to hunt, fish, or trap.

SB 68 define certain acts as misbranding of food products.

SB 105 distribute a portion of tourism promotion funds to the special racing revolving fund and the South Dakota-bred racing fund.

SB 112 provide for the assessment of certain agricultural land as noncropland.

SB 128 make an appropriation to the gaming commission fund, to provide for the transfer of funds to the special racing revolving fund and the South Dakota-bred racing fund, and to declare an emergency