Disappointing Sign!

Rapid City Regional Airport
South Dakota Stockgrowers members, and frustrated producers, throughout South Dakota: We have been working diligently throughout the last 72 hours, when we became aware of a sign, in The Rapid City Regional Airport, paid for by an organization that has publicly made us their enemy. This particular organization has for many years, declared they intend to end all animal agriculture. The South Dakota Stockgrowers, have made it a priority to let the airport and city understand how many family farms take offense, and how much economic activity animal agriculture provides in Rapid City and throughout South Dakota.

After all of our prodding the airport has decided to keep their soul sold, and show us they will, prostitute themselves to any available buyer, and snub their noses at the families that are the backbone of South Dakota and its economy.

Many of you already have, but I would encourage each of you to call the Rapid City Regional Airport, (605) 394-4195, and let them know not only what you think of the sign, but how frustrated you are that in your own back yard, you have been shunned.  As frustrating as it is to see an organization with the hatred towards us in our own backyards, it is important to keep in mind that any time you post or make a public scene you are giving them, and not us, free advertising.

I have included a link to South Dakota Agriculture on this letter, which has come from USDA’s website. This link shows the value South Dakota’s number one industry plays in our communities.

https://www.nass.usda.gov/Quick_Stats/Ag_Overview/stateOverview.php?state=SOUTH DAKOTA


Unfortunately, this is a perfect example of how we are often on the defense of these activist organizations that are trying to take us out of business. This is a another example of just how far our consumers have gotten away from production agriculture, and the understanding of the benefits our farm and ranch families have to offer. We take great pride in the care, and love of our land and livestock. We also understand the value to provide the world with the food they need.  The producers of the United States unselfishly do all of this more efficiently than any other nation in the world.  We should be frustrated that the Rapid City Airport has chosen to publicly support an organization that would love to see our family farms and ranches go out of business, and with the extinction of our family farms and ranches, see the end to many of our communities.

The South Dakota Stockgrowers will continue to work with any interested organization to show Rapid City, and all communities, the importance of agriculture within the State of South Dakota.  We also ask all producers to hold their heads up and be proud of what you do, even if we are getting questioned in our own backyard.


Gary Deering


South Dakota Stockgrowers Association