The Livestock Industry 4-H Trust Fund


The Livestock Industry 4-H Trust fund was established in 1971 through a series of fundraisers and a vision between the 4-H Foundation and the SD Stockgrowers Association.  Read more about our history at THIS LINK.  Since its inception, the LITF has contributed more than $3 million to youth 4-H Programs across the state of South Dakota. 



The 9-member Advisory Board meets annually to consider funding priorities.  Throughout the years, LITF has continued to prioritize funding for 4-H livestock and leadership opportunities.  In the last few years, LITF has concentrated on funding trips for South Dakota 4-H students who qualify for national competition and leadership opportunities.  More details in our LITF Brochure

2017-2018 Board members are:

  1. Matt Field, Chair
  2. Mike Lehrkamp, Vice-Chair
  3. Jim Burg
  4. Karen Lambert
  5. Frank Dobesh
  6. Joel Rickenbach
  7. Charles Rossow
  8. Steve Zoss
  9. Vacant
  • Silvia Christen, Executive Secretary



The Livestock Industry 4-H Trust Fund is endowed and invested with the South Dakota Community Foundation, and is dedicated to supporting 4-H livestock program and youth leadership opportunities.  

Contributions to the LITF endowment are gratefully accepted, and are tax deductible as a charitable donation to the South Dakota Community Foundation.  Please contact the SD Community Foundation or the SD Stockgrowers Association for more information


Contact Us:

Livestock Industry 4-H Trust Fund
c/o SD Stockgrowers Assoc
426 Saint Joseph Street
Rapid City, SD 57701


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