Historical Chronology
of the South Dakota Stockgrower’s Association

October 25, 1880 Founding of  Stockgrower’s Association for Territories of Dakota, Wyoming & Nebraska.  There were 44 Stockmen in attendance.
November 13, 1880 First cattle brands published in Black Hills Weekly Journal.
November 25, 1880 Thanksgiving Day, a permanent organization of the Black Hills Stockgrower’s Association at Sweeney’s Hall.  This was the forerunner of the South Dakota Stockgrower’s Association.
April 4, 1881 40,000 cattle represented in Black Hills Stockgrower’s Association.
May 10, 1881 First Black Hills Stockgrower’s Association roundup on Dakota, Montana, Wyoming & Nebraska ranges.
June 4, 1881 Tom Sweeney, Rapid City businessman, has account of roundup in Black Hills Weekly Journal.
August 15, 1881 Co-level organizations of Stockgrower’s Associations forming in western Dakota.
1890 Northern Dakota Territories Stockmen’s Association organized in Spearfish.
1891 Fall River County Stockmen’s Association organized.  By 1892 there were 11 Branch Lodges forming Western South Dakota Stockgrower’s Association.
February 20, 1892 First Western South Dakota Stockgrower’s Association meeting at Harney Hotel.  Thirteen men attended.  First Brand Association Secretaries Frank Stewart, James “Scotty” Philip & Ed Lemmon.  First Presidents James M. Wood, Fred Holcomb, S.K. Howard & Ed Stenger.
April 21, 1892 First organization of Western South Dakota Stockgrower’s Association.  Frank Steward, Secretary – 1892-1927 & James “Scotty” Philip, representing the Missouri River Stockgrower’s Association, wanted a state organization.
January 13, 1893 Western South Dakota Stockgrowers Association becomes an official entity and receives documents of incorporation with the South Dakota Office of Secretary of State.
1937 Name changed to South Dakota Stockgrower’s Association