South Dakota Stockgrowers is a grassroots, non-profit organization of independent livestock producers dedicated to the continued success and viability of the domestic livestock industry.

 Our Mission: To promote and protect the South Dakota Livestock Industry.

Who We Represent: SD Stockgrowers Association represents livestock producers in South Dakota.

How We Work:

SD Stockgrowers works to promote the independent livestock producers of South Dakota. Everything we do relates to the ability to preserve the viability of our ranches and rural communities whether it be through proper legislation, property tax reform, school funding, or stewardship and land management.

Our President, Vice President and Executive Director work to oversee the daily operations of the organization.

We have three Regional Vice-Presidents elected at-large from three Regions of the state of South Dakota. Our Board of Directors are comprised of members elected from 17 districts around the state, with one director representing each 100 members within a given district.

We are a resolution/member organization where decisions are made by members and the Board of Directors according to policy set by our members through the adoption of Resolutions at our Annual Conventions each September.