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SD Stockgrowers Host Legislative Day

The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association hosted their annual Legislative day, and mixer in Pierre Tuesday, January 16. The day featured discussion led by School and Public Lands Commissioner Ryan Brunner, State Veterinarian Dr. Dusty Oedekoven, Department of Game Fish and Parks Secretary Kelly Hepler, and South Dakota Department of Agricultural Secretary Mike Jaspers. The Stockgrowers members also had the chance to share their legislation of interest, and hear from Senators Ryan Maher, Jason Frerichs and Brock Greenfield, and Representatives Lee Qualm and Kent Peterson.

“As the legislative session kicks off we always enjoy getting as many members as we can down to Pierre, to discuss with those that make decisions for agriculture in South Dakota,” said Silvia Christen, Executive Director for the Stockgrowers. “I’m really pleased with the turnout of members who were able to join us.”

Following the presentations and discussion, Gary Deering, Stockgrowers President, brought the board together to make decisions that will give direction on various legislative issues.

Stockgrowers’ lobbyist, Jeremiah Murphy said, “It’s great to have the Board, and members in Pierre at the beginning of session. I think it’s valuable for our folks to meet with legislators early in the process, and internally it’s very helpful for me to get direction from the Board on the issues I’ll be working through the session on the Stockgrowers behalf.”

That evening the Stockgrowers provided heavy hors devours for a mixer which was attended by most legislators, department heads, and other leaders in South Dakota. Much discussion, and a few laughs were shared, as lawmakers, and Stockgrower members discussed issues, and renewed friendships on into the evening.

“This is becoming a can’t-miss event for livestock producers and legislators,” said Deering.

“We have hosted this for many years, and every year it seems to get better. I heard from many legislators, that our mixer is one of their favorites, becoming something they look forward to every year! It is just a great way for everybody to get to know each other, and have lawmakers hear first hand, what issues are important to us and why.” Deering continued.

With nearly 700 bills rumored to be introduced, the 2018 session could prove to be a busy one. The SD Stockgrowers have many they are watching closely. Oil and gas mediation, non-meandered waters, and brand proposals, are among the many bills that will keep them moving this session.

First year board member Zeb Husted, from Harold, SD, commented after the mixer, “The South Dakota Stockgrowers is an association that has been important to my family for a long time, and I’m very proud to be part of it. Evenings like this, are not only fun, but it gives me a chance to share with lawmakers issues that are important for me and other young producers in South Dakota”.

Christen reminds producers that, “The Stockgrowers, look forward to hearing from our members and making sure they are informed about our work. We will host a conference call at 6:30am Mountain Time, every Wednesday morning during legislative session, for anybody who wants to join us. Do not hesitate to call the office, or our leadership, for the happenings in Pierre, and if you are in Rapid City for the Stock Show be sure to stop by our booth, and visit!”

South Dakota Stockgrowers Applaud Decision on Trucking Regulations, Urge Senators to Find a Long Term Solution

South Dakota Stockgrowers Applaud Decision on Trucking Regulations, Urge Senators to Find a Long Term Solution


SD Stockgrowers Association applauded the decision made Monday by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to issue a 90-day waiver of new trucking mandates for trucks hauling livestock.  The new regulations are set to go into effect on December 18 and require ELD’s to be installed in all commercial trucks.  The require truckers to take regular breaks, limits the length of their drives and allows law enforcement to access those driving records on demand.

“We’re thankful that the agency is going to pull back on this regulation and take another  look at it,” said SD Stockgrowers President Gary Deering.  “We appreciate that they’ve listened to public pressure and delayed its implementation.  We hope they can find a more permanent solution to regulations around trucking livestock.”

The South Dakota Stockgrowers also sent letters to Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds urging them to join with others in the U.S. Senate to delay the requirement for electronic log devices (ELD) to be used by livestock haulers beyond the 90-day waiver.

According to the letter sent Tuesday, Deering said, “We believe that the mandate should be lifted for a full year to take the pressure off our industry and give the agency time to find an appropriate, long-term solution for the livestock industry.”

“We are very concerned that without some adjustment, the new regulation will seriously impact the health, safety, and wellbeing of the livestock animals in our care.”

“These new regulations will result in situations where animals are offloaded and reloaded numerous times causing biosecurity concerns, are forced to stand in trailers without access to food and water, and have significant delays in delivery time.   While we appreciate the need to ensure safety of trucks on our nation’s highways, the nature of hauling live animals requires more flexibility and consideration than the current mandate allows.  When applied to livestock industry, the current regulations are impractical and inhumane.”

The Senate is considering legislation that would allow the ELD mandate to be implemented for all commercial trucks, but not require livestock trucks to use the technology until December of 2018.

Deering said, “The 90-day extension is a start, but a one year delay will give everyone time to find a workable solution to make sure our livestock trucks are safe on the highway without endangering the livestock that they’re hauling.”

A public comment period on the delay is open until November 30 and the public can submit comments by visiting and searching for “NPPC Electronic Logging Device”.


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